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Greenaus Solar Website

We receive a quote from Greenaus Solar, request to build a modern looking website to beat their competitors and stand out of the Solar Energy Market

Their previous website was done by Affordable Website Design, but Greenaus Solar complains the CMS does not fully work, and the feedback system was only a fake form, and the design is not fashioned at all.

Therefore, they made the decision to rebuild a website, luckily, they find us

They had some requirements:

  1. SEO Friendly
  2. Energy Saving/ Government Rebate Calculator
  3. Multiple Quote/Contact Pages
  4. Feedback System Base on Project Number
  5. Recruitment Page
  6. Subscription System
  7. Fully display their products
  8. Datasheet/manual resources download
  9. Multiple branch display
  10. Quick Access Button for contact/quote/calculator

SEO Friendly

We designed a website with 25 pages able to cross-link internally. All the contents on the website are highly relevant to their industry. We also ad d FAQ and Blogs to gain the change of search by the customers. All pages contain no keyword tags preventing rank penalty by Google and other search engines

Energy Saving/ Government Rebate Calculator

We designed a reasonable way to calculate the user energy consumption with minimum fills/questions to maximize the user experience. When we doing the usability test, it turns out the result is very accurate. Also, the page also provides a link to government rebate which can navigate user right to the targeting position of a third party page.

Web Development: Power Calculater

Multiple Quote/Contact Pages

We considered user's differing habit and designed three quote form and one contact form to minimize the difficulty of accessing quote pages.

All the forms with email information would record to the subscription system as well for future marketing.

Feedback System Base on Project Number

Recruitment Page

Subscription System

Subscription is a vital tool for marketing, allows a company to get users' emails or phone numbers for their future email or phone promotions.

Fully display their products

Datasheet/manual resources download

Multiple branch display

Quick Access Button for contact/quote/calculator