4 Reasons you should not DIY your logo

4 Reasons you should not DIY your logo

06, Jan, 2020 | Blog | Emily | 2

Have you ever tried to create a free logo online? Well, it's 2019. The majority of us have tried some form of amateur web design and if you wanted to be original, chances are you weren’t successful. With millions of free logo resources available - Making a logo for yourself online has become all too common; especially since the boom of Instagram. And whilst it’s very easily done- These are the main reasons why D.I.Y shouldn’t be the first thing that you choose.

1. Very simply put: People can tell

How? Well, if you’ve ever seen an advertisement for WIX on Youtube and you go to use their site, then along with millions of other existing customer profiles- You can be sure that customers will recognize a trait or two. And whilst this might work for your business in the short run, it’s not fully original and might not give the impression of being an established business. Here’s the thing; You don’t have to be successful to pay for a logo, it's actually pretty cost-effective. It's going to be difficult to change it in the long-term, so it's best off to start with YNW web design Adelaide and create what you want.

2. It might not sell as well

A custom logo is crafted based on the purpose-driven genetics of your brand and acts as a form of livelihood. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the name of your business, or an even better association? The service you provide itself (top of mind.) Simply put- When the colour, lines and editing isn’t as strong as that of a professional? It’s probably not going to sell as well.

A graphic designer at YNW web design Adelaide will translate your work to your audience and customers in a symbolic way that’s most appealing. They have the ability to be stylish and make you look good.

3. It won't look as good

If you create it yourself- You're missing out on the knowledge and expertise of a time-tested Graphic Designer with a passion for every elemental detail. Graphic Designers, and those at YNW web design Adelaide, are wise when it comes to fonts, indesign and any other program that elevates the look of your brand to stand out amongst the crowd. They will style your logo in a way that is far more appealing than something flat that’s created at the click of a button.

If you are thinking about getting a logo ready for your business- Make sure that you bypass the free stuff online. You can really benefit from having a custom web b design logo straight away- From business cards to your website- It’s an immediate boost to your image and public credibility. When your brand is visually aligned with your mission, it assists people to take a mental picture and remember you again the future. If you want to have a no-obligation chat with our Graphic Designer at YNW web design Adelaide- Feel free to reach out today.

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