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Promotion Details

Terms and Conditions

Promotion Contents:
  • This promotion is a package of services including items as it lists. The later contract will list all the items in the package which the user has chosen.
  • A user can remove the unwanted items from the list, but the user cannot swap the item from a different package.
  • If a user wants any services which are not included in the package, may subject to extra pay.
  • Website maintenance only includes minor changes, fixes, and information updates; exclude adding new pages, changing structures, and adding new functions.
  • The website maintenance services included in the package must be used within a year.
  • The SEO services included in the packages are only available for the unique business names(As keywords).
Promotion Code:
  • The user will receive an email include all the promotion details that the user applied for, including the promotion code.
  • A user can secure a promotion price through a contract within the promotion live period or apply for a promotion code. The promotion code will be attached an expired date as well, a user can only claim the promotion price before the promotion code expired.
  • The user will be asked to claim their promotion code while they sign a contract with us, expired promotion code will not be accepted.
Business system:
  • To prevent source codes from leaking and keep all of our customer's websites secure, Any of YNW Web and Apps made websites and integrated business systems with YNW Web and Apps made frameworks can not host by a third party.
  • To make sure our made system is fully customised, YNW Web and Apps made business system is currently not able to integrated to other platforms and frameworks such like Wordpress, shopify, Web flow, Wix etc. However, if any systems and platforms has API to allow data interaction(such as Xero, Quick Book), the system can be integrated to YNW Web and Apps made business system.
  • The maintenance and upgrade of an integrated YNW Web and Apps made business system can not share the free website maintenance chances which is listed on the promotion package.

YNW Web and Apps Studio reserve the right of final interpretation.