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25, Jul, 2018

Graphic Design values that we resonate with

Today I saw this public ad on the rear of a bus. When I have the first sight of the image, I understand all its presenting, directly fill the pain from the family and the father.

11, Apr, 2018

What inspired the YNW logo?

Last weekend, I got asked by a friend what inspired the logo of YNW, so I thought I’d share it in a short blog post.

15, May, 2018

3 things you should know about ‘The Designers Dictionary of Color’

I love Amazon- Their prices amaze me! This hardcover book only sold for $16.96 USD and I’m not even blogging to promote it- This really is the best bargain purchase I’ve ever made in my design career and oh so very necessary.

27, Apr, 2018

3 ways to get colour inspiration for your brand

Color is one most important element in designing. Our customer sometimes ask me questions such as: why do you choose this color for me? Can I use this color instead of that one? Can you make the color...