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Promotion Details

Terms and Conditions

Promotion Contents:
  • The promotions are packages of services including items as they list. The later contract will list all the items in the package which the user has chosen.
  • A user can remove the unwanted items from the list, but the user cannot swap the item from a different package.
  • If a user wants any services which are not included in the package, may subject to extra pay.
  • Website maintenance only includes minor changes, fixes, and information updates; exclude adding new pages, changing structures, and adding new functions.
  • The website maintenance services included in the package must be used within a year.
  • The SEO services included in the packages are only available for the unique business names(As keywords).
Promotion Code:
  • The user will receive an email include all the promotion details that the user applied for, including the promotion code.
  • A user can secure a promotion price through a contract within the promotion live period or apply for a promotion code. The promotion code will be attached an expired date as well, a user can only claim the promotion price before the promotion code expired.
  • The user will be asked to claim their promotion code while they sign a contract with us, expired promotion code will not be accepted.

YNW Web and Apps Studio reserve the right of final interpretation.